The thing that is missing in this discussion is the fact that he has a chronic knee condition that will cost $20000 to fix Most of the media focus is on the fact that he's obese, but that's only part of the reason he was denied residency initially (the case is still under… » 8/13/13 5:50pm 8/13/13 5:50pm

I was wheat-free (among many other things) for several years for medical reasons. I also have three friends who are coeliacs. We'd often eat out together, what with the being friends thing, although we'd usually be with "normal" people as well. Just because there were lots of us who couldn't eat wheat doesn't mean… » 6/14/13 12:53am 6/14/13 12:53am

I'm totally there with you on point 2! After being wheat-free (plus unable to eat a bunch of other things like onions) for three and a half years, the ability to buy pre-made food is hugely awesome. Sure, most of the time you can (and have to) make your food from scratch, but there are days when you're running late,… » 3/23/13 9:17pm 3/23/13 9:17pm

Maybe it's because I went to a school that had a uniform, but I don't see what the big deal is. This girl violated a rule which she clearly knew about before she dyed her hair. Schools are places to learn things, like how to follow rules, so that when you get to the real world and have to follow rules like "show up… » 2/12/13 4:24am 2/12/13 4:24am

I wear a lot of skirts, and opaque pantyhose (we call them tights in New Zealand) are great in winter. Black, patterned, coloured - one of my favourite pairs is hot pink. I don't see them as some great oppressive thing (probably because I've never been forced to wear them). They're just another accessory through… » 1/04/13 1:24am 1/04/13 1:24am

Obviously there can be attention seekers, as others have said. But when every single meal involves having to accommodate a food allergy/intolerance, particularly if you have more than one, of course a lot of your attention is focused on that, especially in the early days. And when you continually have people… » 12/24/12 9:06pm 12/24/12 9:06pm

I personally don't like the flavour of colas and rather like the flavour of my energy drink of choice (V). As far as I'm concerned, energy drinks are a concentrated concoction of sugar and caffeine that are good for those odd days when you need a lot of extra pep, rather than a water substitute. » 12/23/12 3:47am 12/23/12 3:47am

So he enjoys consensual hugs from attractive women, writes an admittedly verbose (have you seen the size of his novels - he does tend to wordiness) blog post comparing holywoodisation of novels to seeing high school crushes in porn, and makes a saucy calendar for charity? What a scum bag!!! » 9/13/12 12:25am 9/13/12 12:25am